About Us


Defense Engineering / Software Development Division

The company’s Defense Engineering/Software Development Division has been a leading pioneer in the development and applications in modeling, simulation and analysis utilizing Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to develop software products and services for both government and commercial markets. The major focus of our business operations has been in the areas of probabilistic reasoning under uncertainty using Rule-based Expert Systems, Bayesian Networks, Markov Chaining, Probabilistic Relational Models and other advanced statistical techniques as core technologies. The application of these tools has been into multiple diverse areas including:

  • Intelligent software for predicting the corrosion/deterioration of vehicles
  • Monitoring the health status of soldiers in the field with sensors embedded in the “smart” uniforms of the future
  • Advanced data mining methods for selecting coatings and paints
  • Command and control
  • Extending Bayesian methods to include second order uncertainty
  • Determining the fragility of electronic equipment subject to conventional weapon blast waves
  • Intelligent searches of digital libraries
  • Advanced accounting methods for Government contractor companies


Commercial Division

GCAS Incorporated is a cutting-edge technology services and products company with over 25 years of service and experience in support of our national defense missions.

The company’s Commercial Software Division develops and maintains a suite of enterprise accounting and manufacturing ERP solutions.

The company’s flagship product, GCAS (Government Cost Accounting System), was first introduced in 1986 as a DOS product for use by vendors to the Federal Government. The current version runs on any Windows operating system in client-server environment.

Four web-enabled modules (eTimecard, eExpense, ePurchase and eManage) allow staff employees and consultants to enter data directly into the accounting system in a secured link. For Manufacturing entities, our iTMS product is a full Manufacturing, Inventory Tracking and Work Order Management ERP System.