GCAS Incorporated is a cutting-edge technology services and products company with more than 25 years of service and experience in support of our national defense missions. Over this quarter of a century span, GCAS has been a leading pioneer in the development and applications in modeling, simulation and analysis utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to develop software products and services for both government and commercial markets. The major focus of our business operations has been in the areas of probabilistic reasoning under uncertainty using Rule-based Expert Systems, Bayesian Networks, Markov Chaining, Probabilistic Relational Models and other advanced statistical techniques.





GCAS Incorporated was formed in October 2000 as a spin-off from Dynamic Analysis and Testing Associates (AKA: DATA), a sole proprietorship founded in 1981. Its corporate headquarters are located in San Marcos, CA. We are proud to have our team include a diverse group of highly motivated professionals that are nationally recognized experts in a number of scientific disciplines including: Artificial Intelligence, Probabilistic Reasoning, Acoustics, Structural Dynamics, Corrosion, Planning and Scheduling, Job-Cost Accounting, Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.







GCAS’ initial focus has been military and intelligence applications in mechanical systems but over the years we have broadened our core technologies and business operations to address applications in multiple diverse areas including:

  • Intelligent software for predicting the corrosion/deterioration of vehicles,
  • Monitoring the health status of soldiers in the field with sensors embedded in the “smart” uniforms of the future.
  • Advanced data mining methods for selecting coatings and paints,
  • Extending Bayesian methods to include second order uncertainty,
  • Determining the fragility of electronic equipment subject to conventional weapon blast waves,
  • Intelligent searches of digital libraries,
  • Command and control,
  • Advanced accounting methods for Government contractor companies.